This event that offers the users with free tokens for up to 40,000,000,000 GFN. This phase of token distribution is divided into two sessions:

  1. Zero ETH Selfdrop

Make sure to participate in our selfdrop program to increase your chance for getting free tokens.

You just need to SEND 0 ETH ( ZERO ETH ) To GFN SmartContract 0x3930E4dDb4d24ef2F4CB54C1f009a3694b708428 ,

Then, you will directly get 50,000 GFN tokens for free, with the requirement that 1 wallet is only for 1 claim of 50,000 GFN tokens. If you want to get additional 50,000 GFN tokens for free again, you have to use a different wallet.

  1. Donation

We provide a donation program for users who want to support our projects to develop and grow fast. The advantages of the donation program include the chances for free market listing.
If the donation raises enough funds for market listing, we will use them to apply for paid market listing without additional costs for the users.

Details of the donation program are described as follows:

SEND 0,01 ETH 400,000 GFN Multiplication Applies
SEND 0,1 ETH 4,500,000 GFN Multiplication Applies
SEND 1 ETH 50,000,000 GFN Multiplication Applies


  1. Send ETH only to GFN smart contract 0x3930E4dDb4d24ef2F4CB54C1f009a3694b708428

  2. Never send ETH wallet from any exchange

  3. Use ERC-20 ETH wallet from Trust App, Metamask, Imtoken, Eidoo, or .

  4. Make sure that you have enough ETH balance in your Ethereum Wallet to pay GAS or fees

  5. We recommend using GAS price = 100,000 & GWEI = 10, but make sure to check the latest GAS prices at

  6. GFN tokens will be sent directly into your wallet.