Lucky Game Fanz


The event is held to provide the users with opportunities to get free tokens. This is the introductory phase of our token distribution sessions. We offer LUCKY GAME FANZ prizes for 4 lucky members at each Round. We will distribute the free tokens in a series of lucky draws.

There are a total of 100 rounds in the event, with estimated prize value of 40,000,000 GFN in each Round. This prize is worthy of 1 ETH, which will be distributed for 4 winners with the following allocation:

2 winners from the voting in the winning team 15,000,000 GFN tokens for each
2 winners from the voting in the lost team 5,000,000 GFN tokens for each
Total 4 winners Total 40,000,000 GFN tokens Distributed


How Does the Lucky Game Fanz works?

This is certainly an important questions for users who want to participate in the Lucky Game Fanz program. Make sure to understand the following things:

  1. There are total 100 Rounds for Lucky Game Fanz Event.

  2. Make sure to have a balance of 5,000 GFN tokens in your ETH wallet. This is the main requirement to participate in this program.

  3. 1 wallet can be used only for 1 vote. If you want to have more chances to get free GFN tokens, you can use another wallet.

  4. Each participant needs to collect at least 5,000,000 GFN tokens from Wallet A and Wallet B for each BIG MATCH (Round). If you cannot collect 5,000,000 GFN tokens on one day, a BIG MATCH will be selected to participate on the next day, until you collect a total 5,000,000 GFN tokens.

  5. We will select a BIG MATCH from an official game tournament

  6. Then, we will prepare two special wallets (namely, Wallet A and B) to use in VOTE for the winning team in the match.

  7. All of the VOTE participants have to select and send 5,000 GFN tokens to either Wallet A or Wallet B.

  8. Then, wait until the match ends.

  9. When the match ends, we will do lucky draw to select 4 lucky winners from both the winning voting team and the lost voting team. We draw the lucky numbers arbitrarily on the same day through our website, or using another website, such as

  10. After announcing the name of 4 lucky winners, we will send the free GFN tokens as a prize directly to the winners’ wallet, based on the abovementioned allocation.

  11. We will freeze all of the GFN tokens from Wallet A and Wallet B after the voting. They will not be used for any purposes in the future. In other words, Wallet A and Wallet B are BURNED. They only function to accommodate GFN tokens during the LUCKY GAME FANZ event.

  12. When the event is over 100 Rounds) all of the GFN tokens supplied for LUCKY GAME FANZ event have been distributed (4 billions), we may implement a new rule and mechanism for the same event in the future. Of course, we try our best to make sure that the next event is more interesting and has more prizes.