Top 10 Enchanting Blockchain Games

You must have heard of how blockchain games are catching the eye of game enthusiasts. Incidentally, it was the gamers who were amongst the first to have adopted cryptocurrencies. They had rightly realized the benefits of integrating digital currencies into the online gaming domain. The blockchain is nothing but a public ledger that stores records of all transactions in a peer-to-peer network in order to secure faster and safer money transfers. Blockchain was applied in gaming via non-fungible assets or tokens that represent something unique and cannot be interchanged. Bitcoin casinos are gaining wide popularity as they allow gamers to collect bitcoins. Gamers who want to earn real money from casinos can choose countries like Malaysia. Many gambling sites Malaysia provide gamers the option to earn money from casino games.

Top 10 Blockchain Games That You Can Play:

  1. World of Ether takes you into a decentralized world to collect powerful native creatures known as Etherians. You must breed these Etherians and sell them. You may get ERC-20 tokens through this game that you can use for powering up your monsters. As you climb up the levels you can breed more and more dangerous monsters.
  2. Nakamoto. Run is a guinea pig race founded on EOS blockchain. It has 8 guinea pigs with special names derived from crypto culture. The pigs must race every 3 minutes after which results are displayed at once; you will earn EOS when you have chosen the winning pig. Winner of every race shouts a slogan that you use for creating an ad.
  3. Mega Cryptopolis is a city-building game involving strategies and founded on the Ethereum blockchain. This allows you to trade in open markets like the bitcoin storm platform and earn Ether through tax collections. Not just Ether, by utilizing the bitcoin storm trading bot, you can trade various other cryptocurrencies. Since the process is fully automated, it saves users a considerable amount of time. So, you get your land and become owner of a district. Your job is to gain influence and eliminate your opponents.
  4. EOS Knights is a role-playing blockchain game founded on EOS blockchain. You collect materials, acquire pets and craft items that you trade for increasing your knights’ strength.
  5. Flappy Bird is a contest game that allows you to control a flappy bird manually against one that is AI-controlled. You get free trials after every 12 hours. If you have the FLB token, you get to earn dividends after every 12 hours.
  6. Neon District is a role-playing game that is compatible with iOS, Android, and desktop. Here, blockchain is offered by Loom Network and a player must record his victories and losses. You can transfer assets to Ethereum main net for buying or selling items in the marketplace.
  7. TronKingdom is a multi-player strategy game where you take on a ruler’s role to fight against 4 kingdoms. You have to decide after taking advice from troops. You are free to move the troops and ensure they can protect the kingdom by attacking others. You can train the troops or withdraw them to regroup. When you lose, you end up losing both the kingdom and troops.
  8. Token Planet is a Chinese game on EOS blockchain allowing you to experience mysterious space thrills. You can develop resources to start your own business. You are given native tokens for trading.
  9.  Gods Unchained is a multi-player trading game on Ethereum blockchain where smart contracts can guarantee card ownership. Weekly tournaments offer huge prizes to players.
  10. Ether Knight has 4 knight characters racing against one another to win a pot of gold. The race can start when one player at least buys shares of the Knight Racer. When you are leading after a countdown, you must share the bounty and every player receives his payout.