The users have huge chances to get free tokens in AIRDROP program. In this session, we will distribute 20,000,000,000 GFN tokens in Airdrop program after the market release.

During the AIRDROP, each new users will get free 800,000 GFN tokens for each Register, and another 400,000 GFN tokens for every referral.

Getting free tokens in this program is not a complicated task. Airdrop program is a part of our marketing strategies to introduce GFN tokens to crypto community. This is our viral marketing technique and we appreciate your participation in the programs with free tokens.


You just need to do few social media tasks that we specify. Make sure to follow the following steps :

  1. Start BOT
  2. Join Telegram group (Required)
  3. Join Telegram channel (Required)
  4. Follow Twitter and re-tweet (Required)
  5. Free 800,000 GFN for each register
  6. Free 400,000 GFN For any referral